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The last two weeks at home

The time is moving rapidly… only one more week to go at home. And we are on track!

The last days we had Ronja at my parents, which has given us some time to clean up the house and make it ready for our tenants. We started of with cleaning up the basement, to make room for all the stuff which should go there.

And I must say, it’s a very rewarding task. It really feels good to get rid of cloths you got from someone, and you never wore, or paper which was just piling up… and now it looks really good.

We also had to move the server to my cousin Andres, as he know a lot more than I do about computers… and he just finished building a new house… so the server really feels good in the new house.. maybe a bit alone 😉

But he still the /s from UPC-Cablecom here in Switzerland, so no change on speeds to be expected.

The next thing will be to start packing up all the cloths, shoes, and of course all the tech-gear!

So stay tuned for an update.

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