We plan to go…

The Plan 2.0

As you can read below, we initially planned from Australia to NZ and then to the US, never the less once we looked at the weather, we re-worked our plan.

So once again, back on the drawing board. This time we looked a bit closer to the seasons and what we like to see. So the places are still the same, but we reversed the path.

Right now we plan for the following:

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The Plan 1.0

Our plan is to tour the World for one full year with the Family.

Roman, Ronja, Franziska and Flurina

We would like to start in the Summer of 2019 and then head towards north Australia, where it should already be fairly warm. For the next about 100 Days we explore the rest of this huge continent.

Towards the end of 2019 we head over to New Zealand for about two months exploring the two islands.

After New Year, Hawaii will be our home, maybe we’ll to a stopover on some little islands in between… let’s see!

After Hawaii, either Canada or the US are next, this is not really clear. Maybe Alaska is already warm enough, I heard it is gorgeous.

Along the way we must also visit the home of “Anna and Elsa” from Frozen, i.e Disney World…

And by August 2020, school is starting for Flurina, so we must be back home.