The last days at Home

We count the last weeks at home before we’ll take off to Iceland. We have our route for the first few weeks planed and made reservations for most nights and vehicles we need. Also the Visa’s are approved. So we are about set to go.


The lsat weekend we have done a little test-packing, and it all looks good so far! We got two 120l and one 90l Eagle-Creek duffel bag with wheels, which are only 2.5KG in weight. They have wheels and can be carried as a back-pack.

All three bags where filled by our cloths and towels and other personal belongings. I think we need a forth bag for thinls like shoes and jackets and so on. This has to be all we need, as it will get quite difficult to travel by a normal car! not to mention put the stuff on the plane.

We also managed to rent out the house to a family from Chile which will stay here for one year! So we are all set now.

The only thing what will be left is to clean up the house, wait for Flurina to finish her Kindergarden and pack up our stuff…

Next stop: Iceland

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