The Motivation

We Go…

About a year ago we fooled around and discussed some vacation plans and what we like to do in the next years with our Family… All of a sudden we came up with the idea of taking one year off and travel the world.

But when would be a good time to do this. Ronja was just born, Flurina three and a half year, starting Kindergarden in a years time, myself being 43 years… Franziska thinking about to get back to work in a few years…  Putting many variables in a bucket, we came to the conclusion that we would like to start our journey in summer of 2019. The main driver was the change for Flurina, going from Kindergarden to School, and Ronja being about 3 years old. So she can walk, hopefully no longer needs dipers .. and can express herself.

There are still a lot of open questions like what are we doing with the house, car, insurance, school, job and many more… so we have a few things to do until we board the plane towards Iceland…

We are all very exited about this and have lot’s of ideas what we like to experience and visit.

In our livingroom we have two big maps.. so all are reminded every day 🙂